Looking up – part 1

After two years of working in a London art gallery, I moved to a regional one, which has drastically reduced my commute. There is only one downside, and that is missing the beautiful architecture of the city. It sounds cheesy to say, but I never tired of walking around aimlessly, admiring the mish-mashed history of the capital’s architecture. I started collecting photos of my wanderings some time ago, meaning to post this as a reminder not to walk like a commuter – head down, full speed, zero awareness of others or surroundings. Whether admiring the same skyline everyday or discovering hidden treasures, there are many perks to looking up.


View from Waterloo Bridge looking East


Rustication and classicism, looking down Whitehall Place from Northumberland Avenue



View down Litchfield Street, looking towards the Former Welsh Presbyterian Church, Charing Cross Road


Bedford Street, London

Red brickwork on the corner of Bedford Street and Chandos Place


Royal Society of Painters in Water Colour, Piccadilly

Former home of Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours, Piccadilly


St Pancras

The Gothic Revival St. Pancras clock tower



Bust of painters in roundels on the outside of the National Portrait Gallery



Decorative relief sculpture on a listed building Tooley Street hints at its history in shipping



Facade of the church of St Mary Magdalen in Bermondsey





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