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Charles I: King & Collector

Royal Academy of Arts, London 27th January – 15th April 2018   In desperate anticipation for this exhibition I pre-ordered the catalogue, something I have never done before. King Charles I’s rule divided Britain, and his legacy divides opinion still. There are overriding feelings of his incompetency as a monarch, and over-ambition which ultimately led to…

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The Impressionists in London: French Artists in Exile 1870-1904 & Monochrome: Painting in Black and White

The Impressionists in London: French Artists in Exile 1870-1904, Tate Britain, until 7th May 2018 The first room of this vast exhibition focusses on the Franco-Prussian and Civil War in Paris, the reason many Impressionist artists fled the city in the 1870s. Art created during any time of conflict has the ability to communicate something significant at…

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