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British Art at War

Episode 1 Paul Nash: The Ghosts of War So if you didn’t know already Andrew Graham-Dixon is my idol, to such an extent that I am watching a programme I have little knowledge of or interest in just because he is presenting it. Also I would like to not be such an ignoramus and learn…

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Art of China

July 2014 BBC2, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon   Art narrates civilisation, and such a large and ancient country as China has so much to tell us of the people and their culture. Chinese history is often thought of as a succession of dynasties, but their ancient origins are tribal. Graham-Dixon begins by looking at the…

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The Secret Lives of the Artists: The Madness of Vermeer

BBC2 (first broadcast 04 January 2011) presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon Before I begin my little review, I would like to state that Andrew Graham-Dixon is at least one third of the reason that I took up Art History (the other parts being due to my fantastic teacher and my atrocious Fine Art foundation course). He…

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The Story of Women in Art

Amanda Vickery May 2014 BBC 2 Still being very behind on my TV recordings, I watched all three episodes of this series last week. I must admit I was prepared for a three hours of an extreme feminist take on art history, but in fact I found the programme to be very objective and broad…

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